Pulse Your Impulse


Leo Bagramov’s Studio

Founded on 16-th of November 2001
The Studio is the first in St. Petersburg which provided the full service production for Ads Agencies and Clients from Europe.
Studio was awarded with more than 20 Diplomas and Awards at the International and Regional Ads Festivals.
«The Old Tale» commercial entered «The Best Ads of the World» William F. Arens Collection (San-Diego, Cal, USA).
The Studio’s videos have been on federal and regional channels air in more than 150 countries of the World.

1. The full service commercials, corp and motivation videos production (from script up to distribution).
2. Worldwide shooting process arrangement and organization.
3. The full service sound and audio production.


1. In case film and video production by Leo Bagramov’s Studio, the script based on BRIEF and Client’s recommendations is with 50% DISCOUNT!
2. The original sound track (OST) is distributing FOR FREE!
3. The backstage photos is offering FOR FREE!

Scriptwriter. Director.

Art Union of Russia (Filming Section) Member
International Federation of Artists (Film Dpt.) Member
More than 20 Awards of International Ads Festivals.

The high experience in work with children, animals, birds, automobiles, stunt actions of all difficultness categories and Table Top projects. I have the experience in work with producers and Clients from Europe and USA.

I prefer to be involved in each project from Pre PPM up to distribution to the Client the Master version. That form makes to be self-responsible on each phase of the production period and to realize the Script and the Client’s remarks in the perfect way.
The principles of the professional ethics and confidentialities are the main point for me.